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Betty Hillstead


My name is Betty Hillstead and I'm the oldest member of the team. I joined GHR over 14 years ago after I saw an article in the Evening Telegraph asking for volunteers.

As I have spent some time in Hospital over the past few years both at Castle Hill and here in Grimsby; and I remember how long the hours seemed when you're a patient. At Grimsby I listened to Hospital Radio and they really helped me to keep my spirits up.

I'd previously worked for a charity for elderly disabled people and they all talked about the past, but mostly about the music they had enjoyed; so this helped when I joined GHR. I had no idea at that time that I would end up presenting my own programmes.

I worked first of all on Friday evenings, then twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings; then changed to daytime shows on Monday and Wednesday. Now I do a programme for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. I must admit that I miss speaking to the patients.

My music is wide ranging from Classical to Jazz, and big bands to Pop. Nowadays most people aren't fond of jazz, but I add in an occasional piece. I also add the odd story, or joke, plus ‘Music from the Movies’, and other oddments that might also interest the listeners. After all that's what it’s all about - the Patients.

Betty Hillstead
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